Waterproof Camping and Picnic Mat

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Absolutely essential bits of kit for any hardened Festival goer who wants to stay on the fields from the very first band to the very last.

Light and extremely portable. Easy to refold for quick dashes to next band.

Choose the smallest one for just you and your best mate, or the bigger for your whole crew.

*Lightweight, foldable, easy to carry away, setup and fold up.
*A perfect mat for picnics, camping or hiking, beach fun, sporting events, backyard play, outdoor activities and of course, Festivals!
*Large enough to let you and your family or friends sit together
*Carefully hemmed. waterproof, stain resistant, antifraying and fadeless.

Material: Oxford Cloth - is durable, machine washable, stain resistant; PVC waterproof groundsheet backing

Colours: Red lattice; Yellow grid;  Coffee plaid

Weight: Varies, dependent upon size:
Size                                       Storage size               Weight
145*80cm                              20*13*3                        430g
145*165cm                            25*15*5                        900g
145*195cm                            20*17*5                       1140g
195*200cm(splice)                 25*17*7                       1460g
200*220cm(splice)                 25*20*7                       1600g

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