Casual Cotton Warm Tie Dye Hoodie


Tie dye clothing is a classic mainstay of any Festival and should feature in every discerning and seasoned "festival attendees" wardrobe.

Combine the classic festival fashion with this lovely, yet practical hoodie. With a slight hint of "grunge" thrown in for good measure.

Made from polyester cotton, the hoodie has the added advantage of durability, comfort and easy care. Nor does it mind getting a little grubby, which makes it a stayer till the very last days of the event! A last day field event, in fact!

Colours: Pink, Green and Blue.

Sizes: Small to Extra, Extra Large.

Size (cms) Length Bust
S 67 94 53
M 68 98 54
L 69 102 55
XL 70 106 56
XXL 71 110 57


 Size (inches) Length Bust Sleeve
S 26.4 37 20.9
M 26.7 38.6 21.3
L 27.2 40.2 21.7
XL 27.6 42 22.1
XXL 28 43.3 22.4