Celtic Goth Style Hair Sticks

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Make your Festival a Time Travelling Goth theme by adding these lovely Hair or Brooch Sticks.

Festigal is a mega fan of Outlander books by Diana Gabaldon about a time travelling WW2 nurse, who travels back in time to mid 18th Century Scotland, with all it's mysticism and dark magic undertones. Check out the TV series on Amazon and you will see why we were drawn to these gorgeous Hair Sticks. Maybe, like Claire, the time traveller, you will also use these sticks as brooches for some gorgeous home spun scarfs!

Choose between the Viking Crow, Dragon Moon or Viking Horn Moon with linking chain. 

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Material: Zinc alloy, sterling silver.
Features: Versatile. Can also be used as a brooch or scarf tie.
Style: Neo-Gothic, Viking, Cosplay
Size: Circle Diameter: 5cm; Pin length 10-12cm  Weight: 20g