Asymmetrical Denim Jeans Tulle Skirt

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Festigal will always be drawn to clothing that spans a number of styles and seasons. That's why we couldn't resist this Asymmetrical Jeans topping with ruffled tulle skirt. We feel the vibes of casual, on top of elegant and formal tulle. Throw on a tatty, oversized, goth style jumper for a Goth themed festival outfit. Use a floaty, pure white blouse for a Boho look. A few weeks later, wear with a formal blazer for a stylish evening out! Versatile and value for money, surely?


  • denim jeans effect skirt top
  • exaggerated ruffled tulle skirt bottom
  • mid-calf length 
  • regular fit
  • 2 x front pockets
  • extra long belt for increased styling options
  • easy clip belt
Style: Goth, Halloween, Day of the Dead, Boho, Streetwear, Evening, Party, Formal
Material: Polyester, Tulle, Mesh
Size: S/M/L/XL/XXL
Colour: Black or Light Blue                                                                                             
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