Ethereal Rhinestone Tassel Headband

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What better way to get seen, be unique and feel like a rock star, than in a stunning Rhinestone Tassel Chain Headband.
Add versatility to the mix by wearing in post-Festival times; for parties, raves, fancy dress, parades and of course, your wedding!
Or why not create an ethereal, ghost-like persona for a fabulous Goth-look; like that created in the stunning picture in our photo display?

Features:  Water drop "gems" at the end of pearl-like "chain" tassels
Style: Rave, Party, Gay Parade, Dress Up, Fancy Dress, Wedding, Goth
Material: Rhinestone
Fit: One size fits all - simply slips onto your head and is held on by the (light) weight of the tassels and "pearls" and an adjustable chain.

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