Shimmering Sequins Mermaid Leotard Micro Dress

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The Shimmering Sequins Mermaid Skater Leotard Dress is an unusual but stunningly, eye-catching dress,  perfect for making a dramatic entrance at any Festival. Add thigh length, sparkling boots and some accessories and you have a Super Hero/Mermaid costume! Ideal for Theme nights and Cosplay.

Embellished with shimmering, fish-scale and pearl drop shaped sequins, the Leotard Dress, with it's skater style adds a playful and flirty touch, making it a show-stopper on the rave/dance floor.

Features: Micro short dress, but with inner leotard panties for dignity; generous skirt flaring from flattering waist; short sleeves, high necked, zip backed.
Style: Rave, Party, Retro Disco, Fancy Dress, Theme, Cosplay
Fit: Petite
Material: Polyester
Decoration: Increasing sequin sizes add to drama and "mermaid" feel.
Care: Dry clean only.
Colours: Gold, Silver, Black, Champagne, Black, Blue, Purple

Sizes Chart: Please measure carefully - choose according to your measurements. If in doubt, pick one size up.