Mesh Lace Maxi Skirt

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Create lots of different looks and styles effortlessly with our Black Mesh Maxi Skirt. Ranges with versatility from Boho to Goth, dependent upon your own unique styling choices. Dive into the Festigal groove and rock your unique style with this festival-ready gem!

 - generous material for comfy, floating look
 - ankle length for added drama
 - stretchy material for added comfort and easy dancing!
 - great for wearing over shorts or skirts for dramatic layering
 - waist range of 60 - 84cm: no worries about fitting or slipping!
 - one size fits most
Waist: 60-84cm
Length: 82cm
Style: Goth, Streetwear, Boho, Rave, Casual
Care: Machine wash on delicate setting or handwash