Our Story

Welcome to our Brand New Site. I am Sue, the Site creator, but have now delighted to welcome my 26 year old daughter, Megan as a co-worker. Let's not forget her twin sister, Carla, who acts as our biggest critic with both as  sources of advice about young festival fashions.
Sue:  ......... Just a few words about myself, I guess.
Music Festivals
The first strand to the background to my site began a decade ago, when I decided it would be best, to keep my young daughters safe, to go along with them to their very first Music Festival. This involved the whole experience; travelling, dragging all our stuff, including tents and essentials, camping and enjoying the whole experience. As an experienced camper, the intent had been just to keep my teenagers warm at night, make sure we had everything we needed to keep warm at night, have fun during the day and eat sensibly. However, as a music lover, I enjoyed the whole experience and my obsession with Music Festivals began and now I book on as many as time and travel allow!
So, I've experienced all the highs and lows of staying on Music Festival sites and have seen some sights, as you can imagine! I've loved the sense of fun and what being at a Festival feels like - including how Festivals are the chance to dress to reflect your personality and the fun of the occasion.
Handmade crochet
The second strand, began even further back in time. I learned to crochet aged 10 years old, taught by my grandmother who lived opposite me in a tiny vilIage in the rural North East England, near Durham City. I consider myself experienced at crochet now, some many decades later! I pride myself in aiming to make high quality items. 
I recall being extremely surprised when my daughters were buying crop tops for festivals which were poor quality. I began making such tops for them and they were so pleased with the quality of my work and encouraged me to consider selling on Etsy, which I still do (see "All Hooked Up" by SueRCrafts on Etsy).
From there, I decided I would like to try to set up my own small website on which to sell my handmade items and started up my "All Hooked Up" online store, set up with the  to buy more wool to carry on my hobby. 
Charity Shopping - seriously?!
The third strand of the process is sharing the same enjoyment as my daughter (and I make no apology about this) in visiting Charity Shops. I was initially dragged into Charity Shops initially by my daughter, who, at the time, was on a Fashion Business Management course and so needed items and to do research for her course work. Again, I became a fan. It is always exciting to find items which you can see others enjoying wearing at a Festival for such a small cost. Even more exciting is actually finding vintage items which may actually have been worn at Festivals in the 80s, 70s or even more exciting, in the 60s! I call those "golden" finds.
Loving the process of setting up an online store, and helping my daughter set up her own shop (though she restricts me to writing descriptions for her!), has now led me down this process of setting up a shop which does not just restrict itself to handmade goods. 
Bringing it all together - the "birth" of Festigal.
So, wanting to share my own experience of not only enjoying all aspects of Music Festivals, but also having an understanding of "festival fashions" we have combined all the above elements (handmade, pre-loved and vintage) into one online store which also has high quality, new fashion items to help you stand out in the crowd.
Hopefully, this story of the site's development also highlights that I am an ordinary person, but with extraordinarily talented and fun-loving daughters and we hope our combined skills will help you to find exactly what you are looking for to make your 2021 festival experience (and your selfies, of course) one to remember!
Megan. . . .  will soon be adding her self-description, which is bound to explain her wealth of experience in running successful online shops....
Many thanks for reading! And, please do not hesitate to email us directly if you have any comments, compliments or advice about Festigal.