Floral Corduroy Casual Ripped Bomber Shirt-Jacket

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Regulärer Preis

Take a classic material; a simple jacket style and add some cute decals and some rips and frays at the bottom to give an eye-catching "lived in" boho style shirt-jacket with a colourful, strong festival vibe.

Sturdy enough to be scrunched up into your backpack and well worth it's place there as a vital layer to co-ordinate with your favourite bralettes and shorts. Add Boho or Country & Western accessories and you've got your look sorted! Festigal's Corduroy Shirt-Jacket is surely a winning addition to your Festival essential wardrobe.

* colourful, fleur-de-lis decals
* buttoned, minimal cuffs
* two buttoned, functional pockets
*decorative fraying
* short style

Material: Polyester

Style: Casual, Country, Boho, Vintage

Care: Machine washable on delicate setting